2020 Fall Rally

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Royale Coach Club - 2020 Winter Mini Rally

January 9 - 13, 2020

Registration Deadline October 11, 2019

Motorcoach Resort St. Lucie West

Rally Masters:  Bo & Stanley Reahard

Mini Rally at Motorcoach Resort St. Lucie West

The owner of the property has plans to build out a number of new lots for rentals. He said he will have the lots done by Jan dates for our rally.

The charge will be $395 for January 9-13, four nights. In on 9th out on 13th.

If you want to attend you can call Debbie at 772-336-1135

She will take your name & phone number and will call you back when the lots are completed. At that time she will take a deposit, get all your info and assign a lot for you.

Any shows or clubhouse events that are scheduled will be open to the Rally at the same rate as owners & rental guests. There is a concert scheduled for Jan 11,2020. Debbie will give everyone instructions to get tickets at the time of check in.